Welcome to U-Brew It ON LINE

We are delighted to bring you our latest tool to make brewing your own beer even easier! This shopping cart site will enable you to purchase your brewing supplies in one place and you also have the option to have your goods conveniently delivered to your door or pick up from your local store.

We have a wide range of products including Home Kegging equipment, Home Brewing equipment, Brewing accessories, Ingredients and even the famous U-Brew It Malt Extract which until now was only available to our Brew on Premise customers.

So when you are ready to plan your next brew, replace some brewing equipment or build your very own in home kegging system U-Brew It ON LINE is here to provide all you will need to craft the Perfect beer. We know you'll be delighted with the taste as well as the price.

To find out more about the U-Brew It Brew on Premise stores, please go to U-Brew It website.