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2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element
These heating elements are powerful and perfect to make use on your boiler. The element is made from 304 grade stainless steel. This element also has a weld free design meaning that you can easily install it by simply drilling a hole in your pot/keg/boiler of approximately 32mm and tightening a nut from the outside of the pot. The diameter of the element at the widest point is 38mm so it is ideal if you need to pass the element through the neck of a keg to make a keg boiler.

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A Type Keg Coupler
Stainless Steel/Alloy
Beer and gas valve
Beer and gas barbs

Also known as German slider, Tooheys, Coopers, XXXX keg coupler.

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A-type Spear
A-type Spear for New and Reconditioned Stainless Steel 50L Kegs

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Market price: AUD 50.00 , save 10%
Carbonation Cap
This carbonation cap is a screw-on cap with an integrated Cornelius ball lock fitting. It is designed to fit onto most soft drink PET bottles. The carbonation cap is highly effective method to add and maintain carbonation in beverages for extended periods of time. Made from 304 Stainless Steel the carbonation cap will last years of use with virtually no maintenance.

With this cap you can simply fill an old PET bottle with cold liquid of your choice and carbonate by connecting your gas ball lock disconnect. Make your own soda water, carbonate beer, or even make your own soft drinks.

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Power Cord
Power Cord for 2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element

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RIMS Heat Stick Heat Exchanger Housing
This heat stick housings make is very easy to build a RIMS recirculating mash system. They have been made with TIG welded 50mm stainless pipe with 2 x BSP female sockets at right angles in the top and bottom for the wort to flow in and out. On one end there is a tri-clover end cap with a 32m hole pre-drilled so it is ready to mount one of our 2200watt elements (part #004727). The top of the heat stick has a 20mm hole so it is ready to mount either a thermowell (part #005311) or bulkhead (part #005335).

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Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnects
These male quick disconnect couple with the stainless female quick disconnects below. They come in three different types from left to right.
Left: 1/2 BSP Male Thread (005625)
Middle: 13mm Barb (005632)
Right: 8mm Barb (005649)

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Market price: AUD 17.95 , save 28%
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