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10amp Temperature Controller (MKII)
• Temperature Probe
• Instructions
• Control Panel Mounting Bracket
• Broad temperature operating range
(-44oC – 99 oC) and high accuracy.
• High 10amp Cooling and 7am p Heating Capacity
• Comes with included temperature probe
• 1 oC Accuracy
• “Fridge On” indicator Light

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16amp Temp Controller with Inbuilt Alarm, Heat & Cool
• Temperature Probe
• Instructions
• Control Panel Mounting Bracket
• Broad temperature operating range
(-45oC – 120 oC) and high accuracy.
• Comes with included temperature probe
• 0.1 oC Accuracy
• High and Low Temperature Alarm with Optional Alarm Delay
• Celsius and Fahrenheit display option
• Independent Heating and Cooling Delay Start Control
• 16amp Heating or Cooling capacity
• Inbuilt alarm
• “Fridge On” or “Heater On” Indicator Icon

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16m Stainless Steel Cooling Coil
• Made from food grade 316 stainless steel
• Ideal for chilling beer or creating your own jockey box

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2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element
These heating elements are powerful and perfect to make use on your boiler. The element is made from 304 grade stainless steel. This element also has a weld free design meaning that you can easily install it by simply drilling a hole in your pot/keg/boiler of approximately 32mm and tightening a nut from the outside of the pot. The diameter of the element at the widest point is 38mm so it is ideal if you need to pass the element through the neck of a keg to make a keg boiler.

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30 Watt Heating Belt
This 30watt heating belt is just what you need to keep your fermenter warm during the winter months.

The 30 watt power consumption is cost effective and will generate a gentle warmth without creating a hot spot. Heating belts are preferable to heating pads for the reasons that they can simply be moved up or down the fermenter to increase or decrease the heat transfer to the brew. Heating belts are also preferable to heating pads because pads tend to heat up the entire yeast bed on the bottom of the fermenter which can produce some undesirable flavours in your beer.

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Chillout MKIII - 30 Plate Heat Exchanger
The Chillout MKIII is the fastest way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature to get your fermentation off to a quick healthy start.

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Dual Tap Jockey Box
• 16m stainless steel Cooing Coil
• Single tap and dual tap available

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High Temperature Magnetic Drive Polysulfone Pump
Voltage: 220-240 at 50-60hz
Max Head: 3.4m
Max Flow: 19L/min
Wiring: Not wired

This pump is constructed of food-grade materials, handles boiling wort. The impeller housing is made from polysulfone because it is a tough, food-grade plastic rated up to 120C.

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High Temperature Micro 12v Direct Drive Brown Pump
Voltage: 9-14V (higher performance at higher voltage)
Max Head: 3.2 meters (at 12v)
Max Flow: 7.2L/min (at 12v)
Wiring: Not wired
Threads: Threads are standard ½” BSP
These economical little pump is made from food grade fibre reinforced plastic and is rated up to 105C. It very compact in size measuring 92mm x 64mm x 45mm. The 12v power requirement means that they are safe to wire yourself. They only draw 0.65amps and have high flow rate for such a small pump. A good option for small brewers looking for an inexpensive way to build a recirculating system. The axle is also lubricant free so there is virtually no maintenance or lubricant to get into your beer.

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Icemaster 105™ – Ice Bank / Temprite Beer Cooler
The Icemaster 105 is a commercial grade icebank cooler that is extremly compact yet offers high performance for small to medium volume customers. This unit is ideally suited to small bars, cafιs, and restaurants.

The chiller includes a impeller and pump ready to flood the font of your choice.

* Impeller + pump
* 4 stainless product lines ( 4 x 20meters x 8mm (5/16”))
* Brushed stainless steel finish

Size: 450mm x 450mm x 750mm
Ice Bank capacity: 10.5kg
Refrigerant: r12/13
Weight (full/empty): 60kg/10kg
Capacity: 60L in first hr @ 20C
Pump: 18L/Min

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