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A – Type Keg Coupler
Stainless Steel/Alloy
• Beer and gas valve
• Beer and gas barbs

Also known as German slider, Tooheys, Coopers, XXXX keg coupler.

Our price: AUD 89.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 94.95 , save 5%
A-type Spear
A-type Spear for New and Reconditioned Stainless Steel 50L Kegs

Our price: AUD 45.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 50.00 , save 10%
ABS Forward Sealing Tap
These unique “seal forward” taps are made using a floating O-ring design that eliminates the need for a valve shaft like other less sanitary taps. Beer is not exposed to air so the handle does not stick and there is no build-up of mould and bacteria in the tap body. The polished interiors makes smooth flow to ensure the perfect pour. These taps are available in a full stainless steel (part#6332) and ABS plastic (part#6349). Both taps include shank assembly. Both taps also have the advantage that the handles are spring loaded.

Our price: AUD 29.99 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 34.99 , save 14%
Add-On CO2 Regulator Adapter
Ideal for dispensing two draft beers that require different CO2 pressures. Modular design makes expension easy.

Simply remove the high pressure gauge from one regulator and screw this adapter. Then attach your other regulator directly to the other side of this adapter. The two threads are ¼” NPT and Type 30 UNF to suit our CO2 regulators and many other Australian CO2 regulators.

Our price: AUD 29.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 34.95 , save 14%
Apple Cider
Apple Cider

25 ltr

Our price: AUD 43.00 ($0.00)