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Carbonation Cap
This carbonation cap is a screw-on cap with an integrated Cornelius ball lock fitting. It is designed to fit onto most soft drink PET bottles. The carbonation cap is highly effective method to add and maintain carbonation in beverages for extended periods of time. Made from 304 Stainless Steel the carbonation cap will last years of use with virtually no maintenance.

With this cap you can simply fill an old PET bottle with cold liquid of your choice and carbonate by connecting your gas ball lock disconnect. Make your own soda water, carbonate beer, or even make your own soft drinks.

Our price: AUD 19.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 24.95 , save 20%
Cascade hops was developed from Fuggle and Serebrianker in a university breeding program. This hop can have a grapefruit note that is flowery and citracy and can be used to substitute Centennial and Columbus hops. Alpha Acid 4.5- 7.0%

Our price: AUD 18.00 ($0.00)
Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) – 1kg Bag
A cleaner that is fairly dangerious to use but still the first choice for many wineries and breweries. It’s ability to dissolve and remove a wide range soils, oil, grease and stains makes it a good choice when other cleaners are not effective. Safe to be used on stainless but some other soft metals will disolve when using this stuff. Use with caution.

Our price: AUD 7.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 10.95 , save 27%
Check Valves / One Way Gas Valve / Non Return Valve
Every keg setup should have one. This handly device will ensure you protect your regulator against reversal of flow in your lines. We have two types available. The white ones (shown in picture to left) come with brass barbs so that they will suit several different gas lines irrespective of the outside diameter (OD). These will also push straight into our gas line splitters.

We also sell an 8mm push in type (seen above in black) so that if you are using 8mm OD gas line the line then it will push directly into the fitting without the need for any clamps.

Our price: AUD 14.99 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 19.99 , save 25%
Chillout MKIII - 30 Plate Heat Exchanger
The Chillout MKIII is the fastest way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature to get your fermentation off to a quick healthy start.

Our price: AUD 139.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 144.95 , save 3%
Chocolate Malt (Cracked)/KG
Pale malts are used to make roasted malts that have already been through the complete malting process of steeping, germination and kilning. The malts imparts a lightly smoother flavour than roasted barley. Chocolate malt has a colour typically in the range 600 – 800° EBC.

Our price: AUD 8.00 ($0.00)
Cluster /100grams
Cluster hop pellets suitable as bittering, flavouring and aroma hops

Our price: AUD 18.00 ($0.00)
CO2 Regulators (0-80psi)
• Dual gauge
• Australian standards
• Easy to adjust
• Included ball lock
• Safety pressure release valve

Our price: AUD 69.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 74.95 , save 7%
Cobra Dual Tap Flooded Font – Commercial Grade
• Fully flooded for use with glycol or water chiller

Our price: AUD 189.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 194.95 , save 3%
Cornelius Keg Spare Parts and Disconnects
Compatible with new and second hand kegs that we sell

Our price: AUD 12.99 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 17.99 , save 28%