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MaltMuncher Grain Mill
he MaltMuncher Grain Mill is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum body and hopper and oil impregnated brass bushings.

Our price: AUD 229.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 234.00 , save 2%
Measuring Cylinders
These Measuring Cylinders are made from the same laboritory borosilicate as our Erlenmeyer Flasks. These 500ml Regent Bottles are ideal for the boiling and storage of wort for your starter. Simply place in microwave to sterilise wort then cap and put in fridge until you need to make your starter. The whole bottle can be autoclaved. The measuring cylinders have volume of 250ml with 2ml graduations for accurate measurements.

Our price: AUD 14.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 18.95 , save 21%
MEQ 50/50 Malt Extract
Liquid Medium Malt Extract

Our price: AUD 10.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 13.95 , save 28%
MK II Dual Guage Multi Gas Regulator CO2, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen
This new MK II regulator is made with high quality machined brass body and can be used on various different gasses. The regulator has large body for high flow rates and comes with precision diaphram for more accurate adjustment. Regulator also includes large adjustment know for easy adjustment.

Our price: AUD 79.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 84.95 , save 6%
Munich Malt (Cracked)/KG
Munich Malt is a product of well modified green malt. The green malt is kilned by use of recirculated air and high curing temperature. The finishing product is a aroma rich and dark colour which makes it good for brewing amber and dark lagers as a rich coppery colour, fuller malt profile and strong nutty flavours are characteristics of the grain.

Our price: AUD 8.00 ($0.00)