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Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets
These button magnets are neodymium with high level of magnetic flux. They are 8mm diameter and 6mm thick.

Our price: AUD 3.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 4.95 , save 20%
Neoprene Keg Parka / Jacket
Made of durable neoprene, these keg parkas will keep your beer cold for hours without the need for a bucket of ice. We have two sizes. The larger size will fit straight over any 19L keg and the smaller size will fit any 9L keg. They will fit any kegs that are between 20-24cm in diameter.

Perfect for parties or picnics, or anytime the keg is out of the fridge as it will help to maintain a cold temp in your keg for hours. Put a couple ice packs in between the keg and jacket and it will be even colder.

Our price: AUD 29.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 34.95 , save 14%
Nested Aluminium 60/40L Pots for Single Vessel Brewing
These single vessel brewing pots are great for mash brewing. The aluminium is more conductive than stainless pots making these pots ideal for direct heat. The pots come as a set with a large 60L outter pot with lid and a nested inner 40L inner pot that has a perforated false bottom. This allows you to place grain in the inner pot for mashing. When finished mashing simply lift out the inner pot and use the outter pot to boil. The assembly can also be used in conjuction with RIMS heat stick and pump to upgrade this to a recirculating system in the future.

Our price: AUD 229.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 234.00 , save 2%
New and Reconditioned Stainless Steel 50L Kegs
We sell second hand 50L kegs for $40 to $100 depending on the condition and type.

We also stock brand new kegs sold without the spear and sell the a-type and d-type screw in spears separately. S-type M-type and U-type spears can be purchased on special order.

Circlip type spears can be made on request.

Our price: AUD 299.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 304.00 , save 2%
New Forward Seal ‘Perlick’ Type Taps
These unique “seal forward” taps are made using a floating O-ring design that eliminates the need for a valve shaft like other less sanitary taps. Beer is not exposed to air so the handle does not stick and there is no build-up of mould and bacteria in the tap body. The polished interiors makes smooth flow to ensure the perfect pour. These taps are available in a full stainless steel (part#6332) and ABS plastic (part#6349 - see next item). Both taps include shank assembly. Both taps also have the advantage that the handles are spring loaded.

Our price: AUD 59.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 64.99 , save 8%
Nickel Coated D-Type Keg Coupler
• Beer and gas valve
• Beer and gas barbs

Also known as American sankey coupler, CUB, Fosters, Carlton Draft, VB coupler.

Our price: AUD 69.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 74.95 , save 7%
Nut & Stem for MK II Dual Guage Multi Gas Regulator
The standard “type 30” nut and stem comes fitted to the regulator for CO2 and CO2/nitrogen mixed gasses. Other nut and stems and be interchanged:
Type 10 Nut and Stem (with ¼” thread NPT): Oxygen, Argon
Type 30 Nut and Stem (with ¼” thread NPT): CO2, CO2/Nitrogen Mixed Gas
Type 50 Nut and Stem (with ¼” thread NPT): Nitrogen

Our price: AUD 34.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 39.95 , save 13%