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S-Type Keg Coupler
Nickel Coated Alloy
Beer and gas valve
Beer and gas barbs

Used for Heineken, Asahi, and some other imported and local beers.

Our price: AUD 69.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 74.95 , save 7%
Second Hand/Used Ball Lock Kegs
These kegs are sold as is. They are pressure tested and may contain some residual syrup. These do not have ring-pull pressure relief. 19L

Our price: AUD 99.00 ($0.00)
Silicon and Stainless BSP Washers
These washers are compatible with any BSP plumbing hardware. They come in silicon for sealing things and stainless.
Silicon: 21mm(ID) x31mm(OD) x 2mm (thickness)
Stainless: 21mm(ID) x33mm(OD) x 3mm (thickness)

Our price: AUD 2.49 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 2.99 , save 17%
Silicon Hose / Tubing
This silicon hose is resistant to constant high temperatures and has excellent chemical resistance. So it can be boiled to sterilise it if necessary.

The soft silicon is great for transferring beer from fermenter to keg and will fit onto the standard fermenter tap or standard 13mm hose barbs. The soft silicon easy to work with and seals very well. It is also recommended for handling spirits and for distillation applications as it does not leach plasticisers like vinyl based tubing.

Internal diameter is 12.5mm and outside diameter of 18mm. Please note that this hose should not be used for higher pressures above 15psi (such as mains water pressure). The hose has a burst pressure of approximately 30psi.

Our price: AUD 7.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 10.95 , save 27%
Single Tap Chrome Font
Internal foam insulation
63mm diameter
300mm height (without taps)

Note: Does not include draft tap as shown in photo (left)

Our price: AUD 49.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 54.95 , save 9%
Single Tap Jockey Box
16m stainless steel Cooing Coil
Single tap and dual tap available

Our price: AUD 549.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 554.00 , save 1%
Single, Double & Triple Font Kit
(packed with taps, beer line, clamps, and faucet tool)
This complete font kit includes font, beer taps, 4 meters of beer line per tap, some clamps and a faucet tool. We sell a single, double and triple tap font kit and the whole set of gear works out to be great value.

Our price: AUD 46.00 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 59.95 , save 23%
Sodastream Cylinder Adapter
Use a Sodastream cylinder to dispense/carbonate your kegs. This is the ideal unit for the low volume user, or someone who does not want to put a lot of capital into purchasing a larger CO2 Cylinder. The adapter fits between the soda stream cylinder and the CO2 Regulator as shown in photo below.

Soda stream cylinder adapters are also great for small portable keg setups.

Our price: AUD 29.95 ($0.00)
Market price: AUD 34.95 , save 14%
Sorghum Extract
Sorghum Extract $7.00 per litre

Our price: AUD 7.00 ($0.00)
Specialty Range
Specialty Range

25 ltr

Our price: AUD 51.00 ($0.00)